eMail to City Council Re: Council Bill 2011-193 (Initiative Petition)

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

What happened to Critical Thinking?  

Why must hate be the explanation for everything?  Who among us really thinks this has anything to do with discrimination?  When will we be able to form our own opinion and stand against something because it encroaches upon
Common Sense?

I am not in favor of Council Bill 2011-193 (Initiative Petition) as written. See highlighted portion below.  E-Verify is a voluntary use tool provided by the Federal Government to assist businesses in adhering to U.S. Law.  I have absolutely no problem with an employer using all the tools at their disposal for running their business within the scope of the law. My concern is that this initiative will do nothing more than add yet another compliance burden to small business owners where one already exists through the mandatory use of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.  Therefore, if the City Council decides to bring this to a vote, I humbly request you vote “No.”  If the City Council decides to leave the vote to its citizens, then I hope you will join me in casting a “No” vote.

Another concern of mine is that recent protests within the city will change this issue from one of an additional compliance burden to one of discrimination.  In my opinion, E-Verify does not make finding employment harder.  It only confirms if one is eligible to be legally employed in this country.  Which is, by the way, the stated purpose of Form I-9. The majority of employers do not care what color your skin is.  What they do care about is the work ethic, experience and knowledge that you can provide as a member of their organization should they decide to bring you on board.  And if, for arguments sake, a prospective employer did care about the color of your skin, or the spelling of your name or the unique way you form words with your mouth, then they are breaking the law.  So, why on Earth would you want to work for them?

1. COUNCIL BILL 2011-193. (Initiative Petition)
Amending Chapter 70 of the Springfield City Code for the City of Springfield, Missouri, to prohibit any business entity licensed by the City of Springfield, Missouri from knowingly recruiting, hiring for employment, or continuing to employ any person who is an unlawful worker, specifically an illegal alien, for the purpose of performing work in whole or part within the City; requiring all business entities licensed or permitted by the City to enroll and participate in the Basic Pilot Program known as E-Verify.,0,6597346.story


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