First Day of School 2011-2012

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first day of school for Hillcrest H.S. has come and gone.

With the exception of two things, I think it went well. Golf practice is right now. Hopefully it will help to end day one on a positive note. We’ll see in about thirty minutes or so.

The two things I mentioned above are AP Grammar and Lunch. To get an idea of my frustration for the efforts Hillcrest is making towards feeding my child. Here is the email I just sent off to the principal, Mr. Jay Rush.

Just an observation that I hope is already being considered by you and your staff concerning the amount of students vying for an opportunity to make it through the lunch line prior to the bell signaling the end of the lunch period. According to my daughter, the line at the end of the period was just as long as it was at the beginning of the period. Additionally, for those fortunate enough to make it through the line and get a meal, there was no place to sit. I can’t begin to describe to you my disappointment upon finding out my daughters solution to this was to choose not to eat.

Please make no mistake about it, my displeasure is not with my daughter. She made her decision based on the possibility of missing her next class. While I do not wish for her to unnecessarily miss any of her scheduled classes, neither do I wish for her to unnecessarily have to skip a meal. I find it curious that the mission statement of the Nutrition Services Department is “To provide nutritious meals which meet the needs of students’ academic and physical well-being” while simultaneously not providing the time nor space for the student to consume said meal.

I will have to allow the situation with AP Grammar to develop a bit more prior to making a judgment. The observation thus far is that the teacher is somewhat of a tyrant. While not necessarily a bad thing, I hope it does not hinder Tina’s interest in the class. Fear is definitely a motivator we all live with in one form or another. I hope this class does not become an unhealthy environment for learning.


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