A Tribute to the 17 US Navy SEAL’s and Those Who Died with Them on August 5th, 2011*

August 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

Did you hear the same things as me?
Earning your jump wings at Fort Benning,
Did you hear the cadence call?
Did you sing along, belting out that song?
Or did you just run circles around us?

“You get a line,
I get a pole.
We’ll go fishing at the crawfish hole.
Five card poker on a Saturday night,
Church on Sunday morning…” **

Did you like to watch AA baseball?
The news said two of you were from Arkansas.
Were you ever in the crowd at Hammons field?
Two rows down, five seats over?
What was your favorite teams color?

Did you like the taste of fresh fruit in the summer time?
Peaches on frozen custard are a favorite of mine.
Did you like strawberries or watermelon, what about wine?
Did you drink coffee black or with cream?
Did you like it with sugar, two packets or three?

Did you like the bouquet of the spring, fall or maybe even winter?
I like the smell of rain.
Did you like the smell of the bakery down the street?
How about the aroma of a charcoal grill?
Or maybe a freshly baked pie on the window sill?

I have a bucket list, did you?
Some only dream and not really live.
Did you live your dreams?
Ride a wave; Climb a mountain; Walk the trail; Hunt on the bayou?
Is there something I can add to my list for you?


Complete just one thing on your bucket list in honor of the memory of someone, anyone, everyone that will not be coming back from Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Somalia, or the Gulf War, or Panama, or Grenada, or Beirut, or Vietnam, or Korea, or WWII, or – well, you get the picture.

*A total of 31 of America’s bravest and brightest made the ultimate sacrifice that day.

**I was listening to XM Radio this morning when Little Big Town’s ‘Boondocks’ started playing. Their lyrics prompted a memory of a similar cadence we used when I was in the U.S. Army. It seemed appropriate to include it because that is what helped me to compose this tribute.

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§ 16 Responses to A Tribute to the 17 US Navy SEAL’s and Those Who Died with Them on August 5th, 2011*

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